Letter from the Editor: Gerard Borne, Jr.

After a year that felt like five, one thing that stayed persistent in 2020 was the consistency and professionalism of The Lion’s Roar Newspaper. Challenges and barriers arose that seemed to have no solution in sight but the hard-working staff of the newspaper found a will and a way.

With the start of 2021 The Lion’s Roar will take a different approach to things with a higher volume of production. A major change that will directly affect the paper is the change of all university athletic teams playing in the same semester. On top of a sports slammed semester another big change that will occur is the change of administration in our nation’s capitol. The Lion’s Roar plans to cover every step of President Biden’s presidency, as we did for President Trump. Like all things I trust and believe that the staff will exceed expectations in quality and production.

Another new spin to the 2021 Spring semester is The Lion’s Roar creation of our own Tik Tok account. Yes, we will be posting light-hearted things that our staff will come up with. Along with trying to get clout on Tik Tok another aspect the paper will strive to improve on is the use of our app “College News Source.” The app will have past and present articles on it and will be able to download on Android and iOS platforms. It will also make it easier for users to engage with us by receiving notifications of new content, the ability to comment and to share.

One positive aspect that came out of 2020 was the increased activity on The Lion’s Roar website. With the temporary suspension due to COVID of a printed paper, online production was the bread and butter of 2020. With higher online engagement it directly led to more followers on all social media platforms.

As this is my first semester as editor-in-chief I know one thing is certain, I am prepared and thrilled to take on the role. I feel I am as prepared as they come with this being my third year on staff and having a good idea on what the job role entails. Another thing that will help me is the fact that previous people in my job role have done well.

With all the unexpected obstacles that happened in 2020 it helped shape a new and improved paper with a faster paced production. Moving to a new office space, having online staff meetings, not printing our physical newspaper, and a lot other things still will not slow us down in 2021; the staff is very competent and more skilled than most other newspaper in the state. So here’s to 2021: No matter what you bring to the table one thing’s for certain, The Lion’s Roar will be able to handle anything you throw its way