Summer fashion trends: No sweat when you’re in style


Hannah Juneau/The Lion's Roar

Freshman elementary education major Heather Lee sits on the Strawberry Stadium parking garage with a grin. She is thinking about her next summer outfit.

Fashion is constantly evolving, and with summer right around the corner, now is the time to start deciding what works and what does not.

University students shared their advice on summer fashion trends and how they will stay in style while remaining cool in the summer sun.

Shelby Durel, a freshman art major, explained what some popular fashion trends are at the moment.

“The most popular fashion trends at the moment are flowy dresses for more of a cottage core style, and shorts seem to be going back to mid-rise. Crop tops and bodysuits are still in, but it’s for more a soft look,” she said.

Freshman psychology major Madison Wise said she believes skirts are more popular right now. 

She said, “I think halter style tops, tennis skirts, maxi skirts and backless or mesh tops are in style now. I’ve always had a soft spot for skirts and definitely halter tops. I already own so many, so it’d be dumb not to. I’ll probably wear mesh for the music festivals.” 

Freshman political science and history major Fajr Fayed discussed the popularity of thrifted clothes this season. 

“I think there’s a lot of thrifted styles, which are pretty cool. Different aesthetics, such as cottage core, for example, have had an influence, too. You see styles that incorporate different elements. Overall, I think the pandemic has inspired people to be more creative with their outfits,” she said. 

Wise shared that low-rise pants should stay in the spring, and Logan Zimmerman, a freshman art major, agrees while adding that scarves should not flow into the summer. 

“Scarves aren’t really a summer thing, but you can get away with it in the spring,” he said. 

Over the summer, Wise plans on traveling out of state to music festivals and beaches. She discussed the type of clothing she will wear for these occasions. 

Wise said, “I’m going to Rolling Loud and probably Texas a couple of times. For Rolling Loud, I honestly have no clue, but I’ll probably wear bra/mesh tops and shorts. In Texas, I’ll probably wear the big pants, little top combo.”

Zimmerman will also be going to Texas this summer to attend a Pride event and explained his fashion agenda. 

Freshman art major Shelby Durel looks out onto the baseball field. She is watching the sun go down as she wonders what her next outfit will be this summer. She said she hopes to wear more dresses given the warm weather. (Hannah Juneau/The Lion’s Roar)

“I plan on going to Texas for a Pride thing with my boyfriend, and I’ll probably wear something simple since it’ll be hot. I’ll definitely bring a pair of sunglasses so I don’t go blind,” he said.

Pride fashion varies from year to year. One particular clothing brand has made an influence in the LGBTQ+ community: ASOS. 

According to, ASOS has teamed up with GLAAD, an LGBTQ+ media source, for the fourth consecutive year to create a Pride clothing collection. ASOS will donate all of its proceeds raised in support of GLAAD and the LGBTQ+ community. 

Going into the summer, Durel plans to follow some trends, but not all of them.

“It’s more of a neutral summer with how high fashion is going, so I guess yes in some areas. However, not all of them because it does not fit my body type,” she shared.

Like Durel, Fayed enjoys the creativity and styles of loose clothing, but she may not follow all trends either. Because of Fayed’s Islamic faith, there are certain requirements she has to follow. 

She said, “The headscarf is called a hijab, and when wearing the hijab, you dress in loose, modest clothing that covers your whole body. Flowy cotton dresses are great for the summer when wearing the hijab because cotton is a breathable material that is lightweight and keeps you cool in the heat. They’re one of the styles I love for the summer. Skirts are also a good option, but sometimes finding a matching long sleeve shirt can be a challenge.”