Creating a healthy balance between work and school


Brynn Lundy/The Lion's Roar

Finding the perfect balance and blend between school and work can sometimes be a hassle on freshmen students.

As we find ourselves just at the start of yet another semester, the all-important question of time management begins to creep up. 

Not only do students have to find time to prioritize different assignments, exams and extracurricular activities, but they also have to find time to work in between all of that. Some students, including myself, even have to work multiple jobs in order to provide for themselves. 

Balancing a part-time job with your coursework is no easy task and oftentimes, students become so overwhelmed with the responsibilities and stress of their job that they can lose focus on their studies. 

The most important thing to remember about balancing between work and school is that your number one priority is being a student. You need to have that priority straight and make it clear to your boss that you will not allow this job to get in the way of your classes.

Communication is key. Make your availability clear to your boss or manager before you start the semester. Also, make sure that they understand this job is not your primary priority. 

If they do not understand that school comes first or pressure you into neglecting your academic obligations for the sake of working more, consider finding another job. 

Never let work get in the way of your academic success. If you’re having trouble with your classes and need to take off more to study, make that clear as well. Don’t be afraid to ask for more flexibility if you need it. 

With that being said, make sure to find a job that you can realistically balance with your coursework. Do not pursue a job that you know for a fact will not accommodate your classes. 

It is also important to realize that even though school comes first, you still have responsibilities at your job. 

Your bosses and managers rely on you during the times you told them you were available. Calling off shifts frequently because you procrastinate isn’t fair to your employer. 

This is why time management is extremely important. Having one or more jobs means that you won’t have as much time to complete assignments. 

If you don’t have a plan to get everything done, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with schoolwork and cramming a lot. 

What I have found to be the most helpful is having a weekly planner. In my planner, I write down what I have to get done, when everything is due and when I will do it. 

Having a planner gives me peace of mind and makes all of my responsibilities more manageable. 

Lastly, it is important not to let yourself get caught up in all of your responsibilities. Taking on the dual role of a student and worker can make you feel overwhelmed and overextended.

If your life becomes nothing more than school and work, you are going to be miserable. 

Make sure you make time for yourself. Hang out with friends, join a student organization or spend time with your family. Just because you have a busy schedule does not mean that you should not take care of yourself and spend time with loved ones. 

Balancing work and school can be difficult, but it is not by any means impossible. Do not let yourself get overwhelmed and always remember that you have the ability to do what needs to be done.