The Lion's Roar

Finding the perfect balance and blend between school and work can sometimes be a hassle on freshmen students.

Creating a healthy balance between work and school

Dylan Meche, Opinions Editor August 19, 2021

As we find ourselves just at the start of yet another semester, the all-important question of time management begins to creep up.  Not only do students have to find time to prioritize different assignments,...

Band members perform on their way to Strawberry Stadium as the Lions football team faces off against Northwestern State.

COVID-19 reshapes the freshmen band experience

Gabrielle Wood, Staff Reporter May 14, 2021

The freshmen experience for many college students this year has been unique compared to the past experiences to COVID-19.  With COVID-19 restrictions and procedures in place, newly joined band members...

Since COVID-19 regulations have limited the amount of on-campus activities, freshmen are facing a unique challenge when it comes to making friends in college.

The struggles of making friends amid pandemic

Elana Guillory, Staff Reporter October 2, 2020

A new semester presents new opportunities. This fall, however, those opportunities look a little different. With COVID-19 precautions in full effect, some freshmen find it difficult to make friends. Freshman...

Whether attending public or private school, or being home-schooled in high school, freshmen experience different transitions when entering college.

Students reflect on their first year in college

Erica Welter, Staff Reporter May 7, 2019

Freshmen enter college from various scholastic backgrounds and must learn to integrate into college life. The National Center for Education Statistics reports about 15 million students attended a public...

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