Senior art exhibition: Photo gallery

Yesterday afternoon, the Contemporary Art Gallery held the opening reception for the Fall 2021 semester’s senior exhibition. Graduating seniors in the Department of Visual Art + Design will have their culminating art projects displayed in the gallery until Dec. 18.

The featured students are Sierra Arbaugh, Benjamin Arie, Gabrielle Barnett, Breanna Bercegeay, Chloe Bishop, Brandon Bozeman, Samantha Brewster, Hunter Davis, Gabrielle Eschete, Bradley Green, Emma Kennedy, Ryan LeBlanc, Cassidy Lichtenstein, Julia Mascaro, Caleb McDonald, Alanna Messina, Amber Morris, Chanttelle Pacheco, Rachel Scardina, Jacob Shaver, Taylor Thomas, Michelle Williams and Melissa Winston.

Editor’s Note: This story was updated on Dec. 3, 2021 for accuracy.