The balancing act: What’s on your plate?


Haley Dupre'

Students walk to class around Friendship Circle. Many students find it difficult to balance all of their responsibilities. Staff Reporter Haley Dupre’ shared her experience with this struggle.

Work, family, sports and to top it off – school. Struggling to balance everything is a whole other job upon itself. Many times it seems impossible to handle. 

From my personal experience, I learned a few tips and tricks for staying sane. As a student-athlete majoring in mathematics and minoring in computer science while maintaining two jobs on and off-campus, I have a big habit of saying “yes” to too many extracurriculars or events. I often put too much on my plate.

Taking on too much can leave you burnt out and unmotivated. It makes it harder to finish the jobs you started, whether that means finishing homework or even just getting up in the morning for school. 

I’ve learned planners and a set schedule are immensely important to stay organized and on top of responsibilities. Time management is key when classes and events tend to overlap. As a track runner for college, I make sure to add all of my races, practices and meet days to my calendar on my phone to ensure I don’t schedule too much. 

Aside from tips and tricks, you must know your limit or you’ll end up “burning the candle at both ends.” I have spent many nights burning the midnight oil to get my responsibilities done. Trying to meet all the expectations can majorly affect your mental and physical well-being. 

I know you want to get everything done, but getting enough sleep and eating right is essential to being able to function properly. I can admit that I struggle immensely with not getting enough sleep or being too busy to eat. It creates a domino effect for the rest of the week. 

Space out your tasks; start on work earlier and take breaks. Each point prevents you from building up work and stops you from rushing to finish at the last minute. 

Another method that helps me stay calm is balancing enough time for myself. Each week I schedule a day where I can either relax or hang out with friends. With the stress of my daily tasks, I need a day to catch up, whether it is sleep, time with friends or missing school work. 

Finally, from my perspective, I have found people are a key factor in emotional balance. My loved ones around me notice me stressing, and they give me a distraction. Sometimes you just need a break from reality. Take a step back and breathe. I tend to take this time to laugh with friends or loved ones.

Balancing responsibilities and life is difficult, but it is done every day. You are able to get the most out of life. You can know your limits and still sign up for extracurricular activities that help you enjoy the best of life.