Hayley Anthony aims to achieve during time at SLU


Eva Saladino

Hayley Anthony looks out onto the street as she stands next to the lion statue at Friendship Circle.

Like caterpillars in a cocoon, freshmen at Southeastern need time and space to evolve into confident, outgoing upperclassmen; they emerge as butterflies, ready to make their mark. Hayley Anthony is one such person.

Anthony is a junior and integrative biology major who has proven herself to be an engaged and determined young woman. Anthony is a resident assistant for Ascension Hall as well as the community service outreach member for Flipside Dance.

Anthony began at Southeastern hesitant to jump into any extracurriculars, but with her older sister motivating her and her cousin being an RA, Anthony decided to try it out. 

“My first year as an RA was when I really started opening up out of my shell,” Anthony said.

In her sophomore year, Anthony tried out for Flipside Dance and made it. Three years later, she is now on the executive board and predominantly handles community service and team bonding. Though, she has not always been a dancer. Anthony was able to pay for her own dance lessons as she worked hard at her job to reach her goal.

Originally from Hammond, Anthony knew the career path she wanted to follow from a very young age.

“Since I was 10 years old I wanted to become an orthodontist,” Anthony said. Her biology major will help her achieve her goal of a career in dentistry.

While she is busy contributing her time to her university, Anthony also takes part in running two businesses of her own. In sixth grade, Anthony began practicing hairstyling after her mother taught her the basics. 

Her years of experience have led to the creation of a website via which students on campus can schedule sessions with her.

Not only does Anthony style clients’ hair, but she also takes part in styling confections through her baking business. She became interested in baking after taking a culinary course in her senior year of high school. In class, Anthony was able to make a wedding cake from scratch, which was the catalyst for her craft.

“Once I graduated, I started experimenting in my mom’s kitchen. As of now, I really just make cakes for my family until I gain more experience,” Anthony said.

Though she seems completely self-sufficient, Anthony couldn’t be where she is now without the support of her mom, Sheree: the one who taught her the ways of cosmetology and gave her an oven to watch her cakes rise.

“Without her, none of this would be happening for me,” Anthony said. 

Sheree described her daughter as “wise beyond her years” and someone who “handles adversity without faltering.” 

Anthony is looking forward to what she can achieve with each of her endeavors and hopes to bring people satisfaction through her future career in orthodontia.

“I want a lot of people to have confidence, and the ability to afford things like braces if they need them,” Anthony said.