Turning to The Office for a good laugh


The television shows “Bear in the Big Blue House” and “SpongeBob Squarepants” always stuck with me as I matured, but no television show has ever intrigued me like “The Office.”

A mockumentary sitcom that films the everyday lives of employees in a small market paper company named Dunder Mifflin, “The Office” reveals what stereotypical office life is like, replete with personal struggles, love triangles and slapstick humor.

I immediately connected with this television show as it reminded me so much of my mom’s office where I spent most of my “sick” days when I missed school. “The Office” resembled so much of my mom’s workplace – from the break room filled with vending machines to the look of the buildings. It was a cool idea to me to have such a relatable sitcom and for it to resemble everyday life.

Each episode of the show is full of pure humor. “The Office” makes me grab my stomach and wipe away good tears from laughing too hard. From Michael Scott acting like an ex-prisoner named “Prison Mike” to Jim Halpert pulling pranks on Dwight Schrute, each episode seems to be funnier than the last.

One of the scenes I will never forget is when Dwight started a fire to see if anyone understood his PowerPoint presentation on safety. Safe to say, the chaos that ensued made me crack up.

While making the audiences roll with laughter, the show is weaved with plot twists, which flip the series upside down. One of the first major plot twists is when Michael Scott started to date his boss, Jan Levinson. This made me want to watch more and dig deeper into the series. Similarly, when accountant Angela Martin had an affair with her fiance’s friend and coworker, Dwight Schrute, the show took a different turn. This made me feel bad for Andy Bernard, but made me more interested in the love triangle. This eventually climaxed in a hilarious duel between the two men where Bernard tried to run over Schrute with his Prius.

Schrute, who was played by Rainn Wilson, is definitely my favorite character. Schrute is a weird office nerd that nobody can take seriously but is absolutely critical to the show. His reactions to anything that happened were the best, and always evoked a good rise from “The Office” fans.

The fifth season is my favorite one and my favorite episodes include “Michael Scott Paper Company,” where Michael Scott quits Dunder Mifflin and starts his own paper company down the hall from his original workplace. Another one of my favorite episodes is “Cafe Disco,” where Scott uses the space that held his short-lived company to host Dunder Mifflin employee dance-offs and dance parties.

I learned about this sitcom from Twitter, and I often saw “The Office” memes all over my feed and wondered how funny the series actually was. Twitter did not disappoint as I have watched the series four times and am currently working on round five.

“The Office” best represents the slapstick comedy, and anyone can turn to this television show for a good laugh.