MISA offers students and faculty Safe Space training


Gerard Borne

At the Safe Space training students, faculty and staff were taught how to approach people of all different backgrounds.

On Friday, Sept. 27 the Multicultural and International Student Affairs organization hosted a Safe Space Training.

The event was part of a hazing prevention training for faculty, staff and students to understand how to approach people who may be of a different sexual orientation.

Mattie Hawkins, a graduate student and a student-worker for MISA, described what the goals were of this event.

“Basically, we provide the tools to our students, faculty, and administration to be more diverse with our LGBTQ students,” shared Hawkins. “We wanted our staff, students, and administration to be able to engage with those students without offending them.”

Hawkins explained what the benefits were of Safe Space Training.

“It will just teach everyone how to approach everyone our LGBTQ students in a professional manner and give us a leg up on everyone,” stated Hawkins. “Everyone will know the proper pronouns and the proper terms when talking about students and with students.”

Bayli Hickson, a senior elementary education major, shared what her favorite aspect of the event was.

“I think it makes Southeastern more inclusive and diverse and it allows for people to feel like they are at home here,” stated Hickson.

Students at the end of the Safe Space Training earned an ALLY Certification.