The great divide: Managing a business and education

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Senior management major India Williams hopes to continue her photography journey after college and hopes to further young, aspiring photographers. Jennifer Dettwiller/The Lion’s Roar

India Williams began to build a name for herself in the photography business during high school. 

The senior management major began her journey with photography while on the newspaper staff at Baton Rouge Magnet High School. 

According to Williams, she began to pursue photography after realizing the importance of taking quality photos to accompany her stories.

“Have you heard the saying, ‘If you build it, they’ll come,’” said Williams. “Well, I think that’s what transpired. I would post photos that I’ve taken of my family and myself, and after that, I just had people tell me it was great and that they would like me to take their senior pictures. That’s when IndyPhotography was created.”

Williams discussed how it is difficult for her to manage both academics and business.

“I would love to say I have it all figured out, but honestly, I don’t,” said Williams. “I have a planner that holds everything. I set alarms, and I just keep a to-do list so things get done in time and by priority. My other secret, I actually get sleep. I need it to have an efficient day.”

Williams explained how she takes care of her personal health.

“I can’t give 100 percent if I don’t take care of myself 100 percent,” said Williams.

Besides determining what her limits are in both areas, Williams has family and friends that serve as valuable support systems. 

“They give me the advice I need,” said Williams. “They tell me when I’m messing up, and they help me get back on track. This business and myself wouldn’t be as great as it is if I didn’t have them.” 

Williams’ primary sources of advertising are word of mouth and social media. Her social media platforms include an Instagram page, _indyphotography and a website at 

Williams hopes to delve  into more types of photography that expand beyond portraits. 

“I want to get into landscape, street and abstract photography, but maybe when I get a little bit more time,” said Williams. “As I travel into different areas, I practice, but I would love to dedicate a few months to learning those types. They also involve more creativity in my opinion.”

Building relationships on campus has helped broaden Williams’ style of photography.

“I am a part of the Southeastern’s media team as well as a member of the French club,” said Williams. “I cannot do too much because my schedule is always jam-packed, but I try to incorporate my photography into my campus life because I photograph a variety of events for different organizations.”

Williams explained what she hopes her future will hold after achieving her degree and minors at the university.

“My goal is that one day I’m able to own my own studio and help foster the potential of other young photographers,” said Williams. “I would love to own a studio that’s pretty much ran by young aspiring photographers where they can practice, learn and gain experience. In regards to the future I envision for myself and this business, I want to inspire. I want to give confidence, and I want to see others succeed because when I’ve done that, that’s when I’ll consider myself successful.”