Discussing the Constitution


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The “Then and Now” lecture series began with the Constitution Day lecture by Professor Ronald Traylor on Sept. 17.

Nathaniel Callaway, Staff Reporter

Professor Ronald Traylor gave a lecture on the U.S. Constitution for Fanfare in Pottle Auditorium.

In it, he discussed the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the origins of some of the branches of modern government and the dangers of incorrectly assuming one is overly familiar with the contents of the Constitution.

“Because the Constitution is familiar to us, we tend to assume that we are intently aware of its content,” said Traylor. “When we talk about it all, we blindly refer to its substances as if we are all constitutional scholars. We might be correct in our assumptions, but there’s a real likelihood that we are way off base in some areas, and that is what I will discuss with you today. We have a serious ignorance problem regarding the Constitution.”