Taking notes on sexual abuse

Diamond Hollins, Staff Reporter

“Darkness To Light” aimed a metaphorical arrow to teach attendees about ways to prevent child sexual abuse.

The event was held at the Cate Teacher Education Center on Sept. 19 from 4-6 p.m. This occasion was hosted by Rob Carlisle, CEO of Child Advocacy Services, and Tanya Warren, a court appointed special advocate trainer.

After Carlisle introduced the topic, Warren presented a video that went more in depth about child sexual abuse. In the video, victims of child sexual abuse discussed their experience and its effects.

In the video, Keisha Head, a victim of child sexual abuse, shared how it feels to be abused sexually.

“That’s the lowest you can feel in life because at that point, you’re no longer human,” said Head. “You have a value on you that is so low.”

Through the video, students learned about specific steps taken by teachers, detectives and sexual abuse prevention advocates. The particular steps include learning the facts, minimizing opportunity, talking about it, recognizing the signs, and reacting responsibly.

In the closing of the event, Warren engaged in an interactive question and answer phase. Participants engaged in discussion about child sexual abuse and shared some instances in their lives where they took precautions for the safety of their children.

Troyneesha Hurst, a senior social work major, shared her perspective on the event.

“This was very informative and shined a much needed light on issues involving child sexual abuse,” said Hurst.

For more information on child sexual abuse and some prevention tactics, call 800-798-1575 or visit the CAS website.