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Every sports team has a number of non-starting players who train with the rest of the team, and these players have to prove themselves to earn a starting position on the team.

Prakriti Adhikari, Staff Reporter

While a few players from different sports teams come into the light, there are a lot of players who put in an equal amount of hard work and practice on the field. Every sports team has a number of non-starting players who train with the team to prepare for opportunities to play.

According to Rick Fremin, softball head coach, non-starting players practice with the rest of the team, and put in an equal amount of hard work.

“Typically, the training schedule is the same for both starters and nonstarters,” said Fremin. “We do allow all players to get reps throughout practice on whatever area we are working on. We just tell them when we give them an opportunity, just to be prepared both mentally and physically. In that way, what that does is it maximizes that opportunity that leads to other opportunities.”

Out of the 26 players in the roster, 10 players in softball are starters, and 16 are non starters training players who are not in the line-up.

Ali McCoy, a junior pitcher and an infielder, began as a non starting player for the softball team during her freshman year. With a lot of hard work and immense practice, she is now prepared to play as pitcher and as an infielder.

“Our schedule is pretty intense,” said McCoy. “We go to practice, and then I would always go do extra work off the field because I knew I had to earn my spot. I am a junior now, and the past two years I knew you are not given a spot. You have to earn it. I mean, putting in extra work. It’s no different now. Every year, we have new people coming in, and you have to earn a spot, and whether it is the beginning of the season, middle or end, it’s never too late.”

Fremin is proud of McCoy’s effort and hard work that led her to become a starter for the team.

“Ali McCoy is someone who has, in the beginning of the season, for the last two years, been a nonstarter on opening day,” said Fremin. “However, has found a way to get herself into the starting line up through hard work, great attitude and great effort. She is a great teammate. She is always prepared when called upon, and she is very consistent in that. So, that has led her to become a starter after opening weekend through her hard work and effort.”

Jaclyn Scholvin, a senior shooting guard for the women’s basketball team, began as a nonstarter. Scholvin expressed gratitude for getting to begin as a nonstarter, being in the team, and being paid for her education.

Scholvin said, “It’s just so gratifying to know that over the course of four years here, whether you beat records, whether you barely play, it is so humbling to know that we were able to go to school, get everything paid for, go to incredible places, and travel to big schools. Over the course of four years, I am very, very grateful to have the ability that I have and to have been able to come here and have a good experience.”