Recognition with an induction

Diamond Hollins, Staff Reporter

The Student Union Theatre brimmed with intelligence and success as the National Society of Collegiate Scholars held its annual induction ceremony.

From 7-9 p.m. on Sept. 26, NSCS welcomed new members to recognize student excellence and proficiency. The selected students were first or second-year students with a GPA of 3.4 or higher.

“Usually qualifying students will receive an email formally inviting them into the NSCS family,” said Ellie Hughes, vice president of social media.

Hughes feels that being inducted at the ceremony has given her a sense of responsibility as a leader.

“We have an image to uphold,” said Hughes. “People look up to us, so we have to strive to keep the privilege we’ve been awarded.”

Whitney Bourdier, chapter president, shared the most challenging obstacle she faced in planning the event and why she felt she had to persevere through it.

“The biggest challenge I faced was the fact that there was really no instruction on how to plan it,” said Bourdier. “There was no transition of power and no way to contact new members, but it was important for me to make sure students know we are present and involved.”

Jessica Bowen, vice president of member recruitment, explained why NSCS is important.

“It gives students who are excelling academically a chance to get involved with the community,” said Bowen. “We also volunteer a lot, which teaches the students patience and how to communicate.”

For Bowen, NSCS provided networking opportunities, scholarships, internships and travel discounts.

“NSCS would be nothing without leadership, motivation and a lot of collaboration,” said Bowen.