The power of participating at the polls today


Diamond Hollins, Staff Reporter

My vote is my voice.

This world is consumed in the mayhem of injustice, in the metaphorical dungeons filled with people chained by the frauds called fake freedom and fake peace. In the chaos that is the constant degradation of races, sexes and sexual orientation, my vote is my voice. My vote rings loud and clear in a world almost completely swallowed by the shouts of hatred and the remnants of bloody uproar.

I do not have the privilege of my senses being shielded from the things that happen around us every day. I hear the pain of mothers who have had to lay their young children to dust. I have seen people shamed and hurt for who they choose to love. I have felt the anger and hopelessness of people whose rights have been stripped from them, and I can sense our world crumbling in the face of corruption.

In a world slowly being reduced to shattered pieces at the hands of evil, my vote is my voice, my confidence, my choice and my change. I am not resigned to sitting back as a spectacle while the beasts of wickedness eat away at any chance this world has for goodness.

My vote means something. It represents a chance for change in a slowly dying world.

That is why voting is so important. It is more than just the mindless picking of a candidate, or the agreement of a bill that sounds good. It is a representation of the power that Americans have. The power to impact the world in a profound way. The power to right the wrong in the world.

No matter your race, where you come from, what you choose to be, or who you choose to love, with one vote, you have the power to turn chaos into calm and darkness into light. It does not matter who you are or what you look like. Your vote matters.

A lot of us underestimate the power of voting. We never sit back and think about how it can deeply impact the smallest factions of our world. It took me a while to realize that voting is something so much bigger than me. It impacts millions of people. It impacts countries, communities and families. Voting can take away a person’s livelihood as well as make a way for people who struggle financially. It can slowly strip away rights or offer justice. Voting can make this world worse or slowly build it up to what it is supposed to be.

Most importantly, voting offers us a choice. Will we choose to be silent bystanders as innocence is wiped off Earth by the rapture of depravity, or will we stand up and do something that will cause a shift in our world? We can cause a shift that will alter this world in a way that brings us all together. We can cause a shift that will dig in the world’s pile of dirtiness and find something pure and untouched.

All that power is in our right to vote.

Our vote matters. It is our way of not being silent about the things that matter. It is our voice in the loudness of this world. Our vote is our change, and we should use it to leave a mark on the world that is dipped in the promises of ultimate peace and justice.

Aside from the power and privilege that is voting, it is imperative that we as people understand the motives of the people we are voting for. Do not just vote because of a candidate’s physical appearance. Really tune in and understand how that person proposes to implement much-needed change in every aspect of our world. I used to be that naive person who wanted certain people to be in office because of their appearance and not because of their competence.

For example, in 2008 when Barack Obama ran for president, I was only eight years old and though I could not vote, I so sorely wanted to because he would be the first African American president.

I had no knowledge of Obama’s plans for our communities or the many systems that make up our world. I did not know if he could alter the injustice in our world or end the suffering that our people and communities were experiencing. He was African American, and I wanted him to be the president, nothing else mattered. Not his plans and not his potential.

As I have gotten older, I have come to realize that the way a person looks is in no way a determining factor in their capabilities or their ability to fulfill a passion that is a vision of change.

All in all, voting is imperative. It can certainly make or break our world and cast out wrongdoings in our government and communities. We should stay up to date on the potential of candidates and always keep in mind the significance that is behind voting and the goodness and greatness that it can ensure.