Tailgating’s leisure sport takes a competitive turn

Jacob Summerville, Staff Reporter

The Neighbors won against the Corn Puffs 11-5 at the Intramural Cornhole Tournament.

Three teams competed in a round-robin tournament to determine which two-person team would become victorious at the Pennington Student Activity Center on Nov. 6 at 6 p.m.

Coordinator of Competitive Sports Jason Templet explained how he was motivated to create the tournament.

“At other schools around the state and the country, they’ve done different intramural tournaments, and I know cornhole’s a big sport at tailgates and stuff like that,” said Templet. “So, I was trying to turn it into an intramural event so that students can come and play and compete against other students for an intramural champion title.”

The three preliminary matches went to 21 points. Since The Neighbors, Something Corny and Corn Puffs each won one match, the team that won by the biggest margin, The Neighbors, got a place in the championship. The semifinals and championship matches were determined by the team who scored 11 points first.

Member of The Neighbors Arief Harlan, a senior art major, said that he felt relieved that he and his teammate Cameron Beal, a sophomore kinesiology major, had one less game to worry about.

Harlan shared why he participated in the tournament.

“I just like going out and playing games,” explained Harlan. “I participated in the badminton tournament, plan on doing the trashketball tournament. I enjoy playing games for fun. It’s a change of pace from the regular intramurals.”

Both Harlan and Beal won an intramural champion T-shirt, which Templet explained the significance of.

“The only way to get a champion T-shirt is to win the T-shirt at one of the events or leagues that we host,” said Templet. “So, that’s been kind of a tradition for a long time that if you’re wearing that shirt, that means you won the shirt.”

The next intramural event will be the Trashketball Tournament on Nov. 13. Individuals and teams can register on IMLeagues.com/selu.