Fraternity competition hits the court


Zachary Araki

Kappa Sigma Fraternity reached first place in the intramural basketball tournament against Kappa Alpha Order.

Zachary Araki, A&E Editor

Kappa Sigma Fraternity took home the win against Kappa Alpha Order in the three versus three intramural basketball tournament.

The two fraternities competed in the Pennington Student Activity Center on Nov. 13.

Tyron McLemore, a senior business administration major, played for Kappa Sigma. He shared his thoughts on the victory.

“I’m excited,” said McLemore. “We finally got our first championship of the year against a good KA team, and I’m just glad that our guys came out and actually closed the game and won it. It was a tough one.”

According to McLemore, Kappa Sigma participates in every intramural sport.

“If they’ve got a sport in intramurals, we compete,” said McLemore. “That’s what Kappa Sigma is. We like to compete, and we like to get first place if possible.”

Coordinator of Competitive Sports Jason Templet discussed the value of participating in intramural tournaments.

“It helps students learn more about competitive nature and sportsmanship and being able to live a healthy lifestyle by doing different activities,” said Templet.