Winters entangled in the art of acting since childhood

Diamond Hollins, Staff Reporter

Driven as a young boy towards the field of acting, Instructor of Acting and Directing Chad Winters started teaching at the university in 2007. He had a passion for acting within him and a vision to aid students in developing their talents.

According to Winters, he does not come from a musical background aside from his grandmother who loved to sing and his father who had his own rock band in the ‘70s. However, he had a support from his family when it came to pursuing his passion.

Winters’ ambition for acting started at a young age.

“I knew since I was a little kid that I wanted to be an actor,” said Winters. “Things inevitably change, but I always knew that I would be in the field of acting in some form. I have always been very interested in telling stories. I love to watch stories. It is just a passion of mine and always has been.”

One of Winters’ goals is to “make students realize the value of art in their lives” because he finds that live theatre can move people in powerful ways.

Winters described how every year, new students contribute to the overall culture and originality of the university.

“Every group of new students coming in brings in fresh and new talent in all areas of theatre,” explained Winters. “Each year, I am excited at how much talent and potential we have in our students. Also, the more students that come here from different parts of the world, who have these amazing talents, shape the dynamic of Southeastern and what it represents and embodies.”

Winters explained the theatre business requires commitment.

“If it is what you want to do, you have to make it your life,” said Winters.

Although Winters did not face crucial adversity on the path of his career, he shared that artists in general face challenges.

“When I look at my life, I think, ‘Oh, I didn’t really have any obstacles,’ but there are a lot of obstacles artists do face,” said Winters. “The finances can generally be major hindrances in the career of an artist because you have to be able to make your living and do your art. You have to be someone who can manage their time and money.”

Winters believes that the theatre program provides an opportunity for students to experience quality talent that goes beyond good acting and stretches into learning about the real world.

“Students at Southeastern have the opportunity over the time span that they are here to see good theatre performances that enlighten and entertain them and also helps them to think about the world around them,” said Winters. “They have the chance to learn and understand how the world works and what makes it click.”

Winters shared a motto that has guided him in the direction of his career.

“Do what you love no matter what anyone else says,” said Winters. “Follow your gut and live a full life doing what you desire. Fulfill yourself, and you will inevitably affect other people’s lives in a profound way.”