Getting involved by getting others involved


Annie Goodman

Gabrielle “Gi” Levet is one of two senior event planners for the Campus Activities Board. She took interest in the organization after attending one of their events in Fall 2016.

Gabrielle “Gi” Levet, student event manager for Campus Activities Board, believes that getting involved with organizations on campus can serve the best interest of all students when it comes to gaining experience and enriching their abilities.

“She is one of just two event managers, making her the senior event manager,” said Nick Elliott, coordinator of CAB. “She works on the planning and execution of anywhere between three or four events a month on her own, but works with the entire team for larger events like ‘Gumbo Ya Ya’ and ‘Strawberry Jubilee.’”

During her two years with CAB, Levet acquired skills that will carry into her career.

“Working with CAB has taught me so much,” explained Levet. “Working here has helped me learn about creating and maintaining a budget. I used to struggle with that a lot. Working here has helped me with organization, time management. It has taught me to think of the best and worst-case scenarios and be prepared for them, and it has taught me how to prioritize my life.”

Levet’s journey to CAB began when she attended her first event on campus in the fall of 2016.

“It was an event called ‘Capture the Flag,’ and when I was there, I loved not knowing everybody,” shared Levet. “I loved how even though no one knew me, everyone treated me like I was a part of the family. At that point, I fell in love with Southeastern and made it my mission to get involved.”

According to Levet, her job title as an event manager entails more than what it implies.

“I construct and manage a budget, and I work with our membership leader to train and work with our committee to execute events,” explained Levet. “I maintain communication with agents, artists and vendors, negotiating costs when necessary. I chair two committees: the Planning Committee and the Marketing Committee. I work closely with our public relations head and event marketing head to coordinate program publicity.”

Elliott shared how Levet’s personality impacts CAB and her team. 

“She is always sharing motivational quotes and inspiration with her team to make sure they are as cohesive as possible,” said Elliott. “Gi has a very positive influence on the team, and the days she is off or not in the office is known, and not just because it’s a little quieter without her, but because her joyful energy is not present.”

The inclusive atmosphere of CAB drew in Levet.

“I love the sense of unity at CAB,” said Levet. “All of us employees feel important and included. We also are all held to the same standard and pushed to reach our full potential. A challenge in working at CAB is maintaining that balance between planning events at Southeastern and actually attending Southeastern. That has been challenging in the past, but with the help of my manager and co-workers, it has been attainable and manageable.”

Elliott described Levet as being passionate about her job.

“She will go above and beyond to make sure her events are to perfection,” expressed Elliott. “This passion really makes her a joy to work with every day. Her personality really comes out on the day of events and the smile on her face when the event is running.”