Greek intramurals provide opportunities for bonding and socialization


File Photo/The Lion’s Roar

During the spring semester, Greek organizations participate in their own leaugue for intramurals. These competitions go towards the Greek Cup awarded during Greek Week to the organization with the most points in sportsmanship and participation.

The Greek Cup, which is awarded to the Greek intramural team with the most points in sportsmanship and participation, sets apart Greek and non-Greek intramurals.

Jason Templet, coordinator of competitive sports, shared what makes Greek intramurals different from non-Greek intramurals.

“The Greeks have their own separate leagues to better keep track of the Intramural Greek Champion Cup,” shared Jason Templet, coordinator of competitive sports. “By them always playing against each other, it helps to determine a clear winner. Some leagues are combined due to the number of participants, but ideally, you would like to have the leagues separate to keep the champion points standings in proper order.”

The distinction in intramurals exists at many other universities to allow for Greek bragging rights. According to Templet, both Greek and non-Greek intramurals promote a certain level of ambition in players.

“When you have a lot of people wanting to compete against each other to show they are better, it creates good competition,” expressed Templet. “Also, by having the intramural points system, it is beneficial for the Greeks to participate in all the sports we offer.”

Alpha Omicron Pi fraternity competes in intramural flag football in the fall and soccer in the spring. They have been flag football champions for two years in a row and earned the Female Greek Intramural Award for the past five years.

Katherine Gunther, chapter president of Alpha Omicron Pi, shared why she enjoys playing intramurals.

“I personally love intramurals because it gives me an opportunity to still play the games I have always loved to play,” explained Gunther. “It is also such a fun way to get closer to my sisters and have fun while doing it.”

Joshua Ballard, captain of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity intramural basketball team, believes the games serve as a bonding experience.

“I absolutely enjoy Greek intramurals because it gives my bothers and me a chance to bond over sports that we all love,” said Ballard. “We get to play them as a team, a brotherhood and a fraternity.”

Ballard discussed the unique quality of Greek intramurals.

Ballard expressed, “Greek intramurals are unique because it levels the playing field, and it also allows an opportunity for any part of Greek life to bring home a championship to their respected organization.”

Gunther feels the members of the Greek community can socialize and get to know one another through intramurals.

“Although competitive factors are involved, it is a great way to get to know the people in the Greek community,” shared Gunther. “It is so unique because there is so much support from other Greek organizations who want to cheer you on during games or come watch and support.”

Ballard stressed the games promote friendly competition and are “important in building relations between organizations and intramurals.”