The growing business of a makeup artist


File Photo/The Lion’s Roar

Makeup artists can find different opportunities for their craft including photoshoots, music videos and theatre performances. As trends change, makeup artists see a shift in style.

The makeup industry has boomed over the past decade as trends have been set into motion and beauty gurus have been placed on a pedestal for young girls and boys who enjoy the art form.

Jennifer Moore, a local makeup artist at the Aveda Salon in Hammond, shared how she has grown to make a name for herself.

“I really like doing the body painting – gory special effects stuff,” said Moore. “I’ve been doing it for about two or three years now, and ever since I’ve been posting it on Instagram, I’ve gotten a lot of companies sending me emails, getting PR packages, like I’m in one, and they just sent me three of their collections.”

Over time, Moore has seen a few changes in the industry.

“I know the brows have definitely changed a lot,” shared Moore. “Then of course, the contour and highlight, which were never a trend a long time ago back in the day when I started makeup for sure. It wasn’t a thing because everyone would just do the blush and foundation.”

Working in the industry also provided opportunities such as going to launch parties and doing makeup for music videos.

“I’m trying to get into the film industry right now, and I’m almost there, but I have done lots of photoshoots and music videos, and I did do the Aveda Congress,” shared Moore. “It was really cool seeing my work on a big screen.”

Other changes have also reached prominence in the beauty community.

“The eyes weren’t that intense either,” said Moore. “Now, there are trends like the cut crease, which we never did that a long time ago.”

Although some trends stay longer than others, eyebrows have become a focus area in the beauty community.

“Everyone had thin brows for a long time, but now everyone is really into the thick, bushy brows, and now they are a lot more natural looking,” stated Moore.

According to the article “Beauty Industry Analysis 2018 – Cost & Trends” on Franchise Help, 82 percent of women believe that trends begin with social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube.

People may look to names who helped shape the industry including Mario Dedivanovic, Nikkie de Jager, James Charles, Jeffree Star and Jaclyn Hill.

Along with changing makeup styles, the products used have also changed and improved over the past decade.

“The products are a lot better,” said Moore. “Now, we have setting sprays, face primers, better foundations. Before, your foundation would just come off by the end of the day, or spots of it would come off where you touched your face.”

Moore enjoys her job as a professional makeup artist because it allows her to meet many new people as well as bring others joy.

“I like seeing them with a big smile on their face after they see their makeup in the end,” expressed Moore. “I really like seeing people feel pretty and good about their self.”

Although posing its own difficulties, Moore believes getting into the makeup business takes time and patience. When successful, the profession can bring rewards.