‘Rose Week’ recruitment

Sigma Alpha Iota, a platform for students to network, kicked off recruitment with “Rose Week.”

The event was held in Pottle Hall room 151 on Feb. 25 from 7-9 p.m.

Vivian McCalman, vice president of membership, shared that “Rose Week,” formerly known as “Super-interest Week,” serves the same purpose as Greek rush.

“We just want people around campus to get to know each other and make new friends,” explained McCalman. “This is a space to socialize and see some new faces.”

According to McCalman, the event offers a friendly and sociable setting for new students.

“We understand that college can be quite overwhelming,” said McCalman. “It’s not like high school where you know everybody. It can be very hard to meet new people, and ‘Rose Week’ is just a space to get over those nerves, wind down and relax with new people.”

“Rose Week” also promotes the organization that was started at the university four years ago.

“We also want to get the word out about our organization seeing as we are a relatively new organization,” shared McCalman. “I would love to see it grow in members and allow people to experience what we have to offer.”