Brewery’s wine tasting brings people together


Zachary Araki/The Lion's Roar

Todd Delaune, general manager of the Red, White & Brew, Jimmy Dixon, on-premise business development manager for E. & J. Gallo Winery, and Terry Gray talk at the Red, White & Brew’s wine tasting. The event is held every first and third Thursday of the month.

Beyond a night for drinking, the Red, White & Brew offers wine tastings each first and third Thursday of the month for people to socialize and learn more about wine.

“If you’re interested in growing your knowledge and appreciation of wine, you do not want to miss our wine tastings,” stated Todd Delaune, general manager of the Red, White & Brew.

Each tasting includes eight different wines and light snacks for $15 per person. Delaune described the event as the best tasting value.

“We like to feature a different supplier every time we do a tasting,” shared Delaune. “We offer these suppliers an opportunity to show their best products at the best value.”

Red, White & Brew’s most recent wine tasting was held on April 4. Terry Gray attends the wine tastings a few times a year for the quality of the wines as well as the friendliness and comfort of the atmosphere.

“It was a lot of fun and informative,” expressed Gray. “It’s always enjoyable, and I like learning about different wine makers and wine regions.”

At the tasting, Jimmy Dixon, on-premise business development manager for E. & J. Gallo Winery, spoke about the wines and their history. He appreciated working with Red, White and Brew for the event.

“It went extremely well, very engaged audience, all different age range, and it was exciting to talk to people who are familiar with the brand, some people who have never tried the wines before,” stated Dixon. “So, the fun part is just coming out and sharing a great experience with wine that brings people together.”

Wines at the tasting on April 4 came from the Orin Swift Cellars in St. Helena, California.

“These brands and labels really transcends and brings people together,” said Dixon. “They push the boundaries of winemaking. They’re interesting styles of wines to talk about. There’s a story about it all, and there’s a really personal touch from the winemaker that makes it easy for me to talk about and share that experience.”

Delaune explained why he holds these events.

“It is important to us that we have a continuous impact on the wine culture of Hammond,” stated Delaune.

Dixon shared what he enjoys about the wine tastings.

“I love bringing people together to talk wine from all different age ranges, knowledges about wine, background and being able to learn together,” expressed Dixon. “Wine is meant to be shared and bring joyous occasion.”

The next wine tasting at Red, White & Brew is scheduled for April 18 at 7 p.m.