Dining options that fit better for students


Being a freshman on campus, I constantly hear the phrase, “Bring the Popeyes back,” from all the upperclassmen. Even though Popeyes is not the healthiest choice, older students miss it. I think they miss it so much because they would like a larger variety of options on campus. I agree with the fact that our campus does not offer a good variety of dining options for its students. Maybe if you are only thinking about the students who come and go, then there is enough places and food choices to satisfy their wants. But, what about the students who live on campus?

The campus dining options have poor hours, unhealthy options and could have more convenient locations.

During the weekdays, the university does a good job with trying to keep most of the dining options on campus open. The Mane Dish is open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m., besides a few times when they are setting up for the next meal. The fast-food options are open Mondays through Thursdays, but some options are not even open on Fridays. On Saturdays and Sundays, the fast food options are not open at all, and the Mane Dish has limited hours.

I understand that it may be hard to keep the dining staff on campus because there are not as many students on campus here during the weekends, but I do not agree with how the university decides to shut everything down. Providing more dining options on campus might encourage students to stay during weekends.

Another point is that most of the food choices are not the healthiest. There are a few healthy options like salad, sushi and yogurt with fruit, but these options are so expensive, which is definitely a reason why I get turned away from it. Not only will this help keep the freshman 15 away, but healthier food options will help students get through their day better with more energy and more focus in class.

I wish there were more locations for dining options. Near the Biology Building, the only food option is Subway. In Greek Village, there are no food options close. I think students would benefit from location options near these places. Not only will this be convenient for students, but I also think that this will help students focus more on their studies. If students are not having to go to the War Memorial Student Union for all their food needs and can be near their home or closer to their class and grab something to eat, then that will motivate them to get things done since they are less distracted.

I am not discounting all the food options that we do have on campus. Our campus is better than most. Yes, it may not be perfect, but I recognize that we do have some pretty good choices. I wish that the university’s administration would consider changing the hours of dining locations to longer times and also open more frequently during the weekend. Students would also appreciate food options that do not bust their bank account, while also give them energy to get through their long days. Finally, our campus can improve by adding more locations like dining options on the north side of campus. Students just want to see change, even if it comes a little at a time.