Manifest your goals with a vision board


Gabrielle Wood/The Lion’s Roar

A vision board is displayed in a student’s dorm room. Students can create a vision board to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

Many students know what they want to accomplish, but some may have a hard time visualizing their goals. This is where a vision board may be helpful.

A vision board is a display of what someone would like to achieve or pursue. By putting together a collage of pictures or items that represent this end goal, each item should represent an individual focus on making goals a reality.

This visual is helpful for people to see what they ware striving for right in front of them, and continue to be encouraged to follow through with their plans. It is also very easy and cost-efficient. If a printer is available, it would not cost much money to print out pictures needed for their board. Other materials are likely common household items.

In order to get started, there are a few materials one would need:

To begin, find any type of board or poster.

The board is the base for the project. The size of the board should correspond with the place someone would like for it to be on display. For example, many would rather place their vision boards above a desk. The types of boards that most people use are cork boards or presentation posters.

Pictures that represent one’s goals, stickers, markers, tacks, glue-sticks and anything else a person would like to use to decorate the board. Scissors would also be helpful to cut everything out.

Crafting materials needed for a vision board can be purchased at a local craft store like Hobby Lobby or Walmart. Pictures are ideally those that would represent a person is trying to accomplish or “dream” about. Many of these pictures are ideal jobs, items to purchase, places to go and anything else that someone would want to include. People can also use pictures that mean something to them, such as family and friends.

Once everything is gathered and arranged, make sure to fit it cohesively on the board. When it is all in its desired place, then glue or tack each item together in a way that is most pleasing.

When someone has completed their vision board, the result should be a collage of all items.

Vision boards can be made for various occasions, such as the start to a new year or school year, life goals or just a collage of wants in general.

Breanna Dominguez, freshman business administration, shared what she would have on her own vision board.

“I would have inspiration on how I want my life to be in 5-10 years,” said Dominguez. “I would also have motivational quotes, pictures of destination vacations that I want to visit and so much more.”

Dominguez thinks it is essential for all college students to have a vision board.

“I think it is very important because looking at your goals every day focuses your mindset to focus on reaching them,” shared Dominquez.

Having a vision board is vital in planning out the successes that one would like to achieve. Visit a local craft store, and make one today.

Gabrielle Wood