What are your thoughts on Andrew Luck retiring due to the mental toll from having physical injuries?



Cole Kelley  Junior, Quarterback

“Andrew Luck has millions of dollars. He’s taken care of his family fine, but his health was at question. So, I completely understand what he’s doing. I’d probably do the same thing if I was him.”

Juwan Petit-Frere  Senior, Wide Receiver

“Football is definitely a physical sport. He was doing what was best for his body. If he thinks that’s what is best for him, then he made the right choice.”

Austin Mitchell  Junior, Wide Receiver

“I really feel him on a reason why he would retire ‘cause playing football, you do go do a lot of hitting and stuff like that. People don’t know they are actually going through that kind of stuff.”

Marcus Cooper  Sophomore, Running Back

“People like Andrew Luck give their life dedicated to the game, each and every day, each and every year. They owe it to him just to give him some kind of respect to retire because he has dedicated his whole life to the game.”