University’s rugby team beats Tulane 29-10


Hailey Bullock/The Lion's Roar

The rugby team defeated Tulane University 29-10 on Oct. 19. Their next match will be against Louisiana Tech University on Oct. 26.

The university’s rugby team won against Tulane University this weekend.

The game took place on Oct. 19 in the North Oak Soccer Field, where Southeastern overcame Tulane 29-10.

Will Munn, an assistant coach, explained the strengths and weaknesses of what happened during this game.

“I thought we did outstanding,” said Munn. “To be honest, I didn’t think that we were going to do this well. We had a few problems with people coming out and being committed and we handled it. Realistically, our weakness right now is numbers. We want people that want to come out, be physical, have fun and be dedicated. It’s a whole family out here, as you saw. Other than that, we’re very strong.”

Munn elaborated about how dedicated the players are, despite any weaknesses.

“The fact that we can play a full 80-minute game with just 15-16 people is insane,” discussed Munn. “We don’t have any subs. When the guys get on the field, they understand that they aren’t getting out. They’ll play injured. They’ll play with sprains. We’ve even had a couple of people play with fractures. We definitely don’t quit.”

Hewson Knight, a fly-half, shared that the team’s communication helped with the victory but that they need to watch for the smaller errors.

“If we made up for those simple mistakes, we’d be the team to beat in this conference,” explained Knight. “There’s definitely stuff to clean up. We had a lot of knock-ons, which is when we lose possession due to the ball being dropped during a pass or something. This happened a lot when we had opportunities to score.”

Kyle Schech, a prop, described how the game went from his perspective.

“We have a solid, good, core eight players,” stated Schech. “What happened was that we kind of went out there flat, a couple of people did not come out like they were supposed to. At first, it didn’t go our way, so we had to figure out that adversity and really go at it as a team.”

The team’s next game is against Louisiana Tech University on Oct. 26.