Students have fun playing with paint


Samantha Gambino/The Lion's Roar

Students play with paint at Lee field during Paint Party organized by the Residents Hall Association.

An event initially scheduled to be organized at the beginning of the semester was held this past week after being pushed back due to weather issues.

The Paint Party was organized on Oct. 23 by the Residence Hall Association and was held at Lee field.

The RHA provided students with white T-shirts and sprays to get colored.

Emone Cade, a junior health system management major, shared that the event started as a way to have fun with one another.

“It was for welcome week, so it was like ‘Welcome, lets have fun, let’s throw some paint’,” shared Cade. “So, now it’s basically, you know, just the same concept. We want to have some fun. Get out your dorm. Come out and throw paint at someone.”

The RHA volunteers set out buckets of paint in the middle of Lee Field and the students were armed with squirting tubes. 

Hannan Hickman, a freshman communications major, shared some of their thoughts on the whole of the paint party. 

“I thought it was great,” expressed Hickman. “This was my first time doing this, but it’s kind of cold. I know it was supposed to be earlier this year, but it’s very cold. I would love to do this again. I had a lot of fun.”

For more information on RHA and the events they host head over to their webpage on the university website.