Cowser hired at Louisiana Board of Regents


Courtesy of University Communications and Creative Services

Erin Cowser, former executive director of public and governmental affairs, has left her university position to advocate for higher education through the Louisiana Board of Regents.

A former university staff member has recently been given the opportunity to have a state agency position to continue promoting higher education.

Erin Cowser, former executive director of public and governmental affairs, has stepped down from her position at the university to begin working with the Louisiana Board of Regents. The board consists of 14 other members from around the state, and it is responsible for promoting, coordinating and maintaining all public higher education in the state.

Cowser shared why she decided to step down from her previous position and join the board.

“I have greatly enjoyed my time here at Southeastern,” said Cowser. “When Commissioner Kim Hunter Reed called and told me that I do great work, and she needed me on her team to help achieve great things for all of Louisiana’s higher education, there’s no way I could turn down such a fantastic opportunity.”

On the Louisiana Board of Regents, Cowser will be responsible for maintaining a relationship between state lawmakers and higher education officials.

“My position on the board will be assistant commissioner for legislative and external affairs,” shared Cowser. “I will be responsible for working with legislators and elected officials from around the state to promote the continued success of higher education. I will also be assisting with communications and relationships with the public. In other words, I will be able to work towards the same goals I did while I worked at Southeastern, but I will be doing so for the common good of not only Southeastern, but all higher education across the state.”

During her time at the university, Cowser had the opportunity to work with several students and faculty with the goal of bettering the university.

“I have had the pleasure of serving Southeastern for over 12 years,” said Cowser. “I was originally hired by former Southeastern President Randy Moffett with the title of Executive Assistant to the President. Under the leadership of President Crain, my title was changed to Executive Director of Public and Governmental Affairs.”

Cowser expressed that throughout her time at the university, the best part of her career was getting to work with several university faculty, staff and students to promote the goals of higher education.

“Working with our many SGA presidents throughout the years and their cabinet members has been especially gratifying,” shared Cowser. “For those with an interest in governmental affairs and politics, I have had the privilege of witnessing them as they delve into the goings-on at the State Capitol. Some of these students have continued in that realm after they graduate, and it is fun to see them shining in their new roles in the real world as well. Working alongside Dr. Crain and learning from him and so many others at Southeastern has been a true blessing.”

She also shared what she will miss the most about working at the university.

“I am going to miss everything about this place,” expressed Cowser. “One of the most comforting things I keep telling myself as I transition through this career change is that I will always be a member of the Southeastern family.”

As she begins to transition from the university to the Louisiana Board of Regents, Cowser expressed that she will always cherish her time on campus.

“When I started at Southeastern, I brought with me a wealth of work and life experience,” said Cowser. “Earning my master’s degree in organizational communication at Southeastern reinforced and strengthened those attributes. I never planned to leave this beautiful campus, but I know that the education and experience I have gained here has prepared me well and propelled me forward into this new position. For those and so many other reasons, I am truly grateful.”