How a brotherhood in music has enhanced members of Phi Mu Alpha


The Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a special interest fraternity centered around utilizing music for the betterment of mankind. Courtesy of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia/The Lion’s Roar

Among the different organizations on campus, some solely focus on a particular area of interest.

The Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a special interest organization that revolves around music for the enrichment of mankind.

The club holds programs to help all people, such as Sinfonia in the Military, the Colony Program and the Lyrecrest Retreat Program.

Aaron Loupe, a senior music major and vice president of Phi Mu Alpha, explained how it feels to be a component of the organization’s events.

“To those who aren’t fortunate enough to hear music often,  we bring them that,” explained Loupe. “We go out and let them know they’re loved and people care about them and just hang out with them when they don’t get that every day. It’s a humbling experience and it makes everything we go through in life worth it.”

Loupe shared the impression that being a brother in the organization has had on his life.

“My experiences with Phi Mu Alpha have been crucial to both my college experience and my life as a whole,” stated Loupe. “It’s made me a better person, brother, friend and musician. It has also brought me connections throughout the United States of brothers who I never would have met or connected with if not for that.”

Kyle Herrera, a senior management major and president of the organization, expressed the aspects he has enjoyed as a member.

“Being able to serve in various leadership positions has helped me broaden my horizon,” stated Herrera. “We have a strong brotherhood and commitment from the guys. I also enjoy how much we get to experience the chapter together. A large number of the activities we do involves everyone, so it provides a constant form of brotherhood and relationship building for us.”

Music majors who are interested in the organization are welcome to join.

“We welcome every man who has a genuine and sincere love for music and what it has to offer to mankind,” elaborated Herrera. “There’s a massive network of Sinfonian brothers who are more widely recognized for their achievements outside of music. Being a patron of music can go a long way as well. Leadership opportunities, community outreach, brotherhood and advancement of a cause greater than oneself are all reasons to join.”

The Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia hosts weekly meetings on Sundays from 6-9 p.m. in Pottle Music Building Room 119.