Devonte Williams reflects on childhood and life after college


Devonte Williams, a senior running back Courtesy of Chris Salim

After senior running back Devonte Williams, finished high school at Bullis School, he chose to continue his athletic career at Indiana University.

Prior to his days playing at Southeastern, Williams won multiple accolades at Indiana University, before transferring his junior year.

Williams started playing football at the age of seven in elementary school.

“I started playing football at Cradlerock Elementary School,” said Williams. “I played for them, and then I went on to play for the Silver Spring Saints.”

The Columbia, MD. native shared how his dad inspired him to play football when he was a kid.

“My dad played college football at the University of Pittsburgh,” explained Williams. “He played his entire life pretty much. He showed me everything I know today about the sport. He always calls me before the games to motivate me.”

The 5’ 10”, 190 pound running back discussed how long he has been playing the position for and what made him want to be a running back.

“My dad was the one who drew me towards being a running back,” said Williams. “He is really the whole reason why I am here today, still playing football.”

Upon graduation, Williams hopes to play football in another league, but if his plan does not work out, he hopes to coach football somewhere.

“I want to be able to give back to the community,” stated Williams. “I want to try and coach at the youth level. I feel like I can impact the youth in a big way and would love to share my knowledge of the game with them.”

Kerry Joseph, the running back coach and passing game coordinator, shared that Williams is someone with a good personality and quiet off the field.

“He doesn’t say a whole lot, he is a quiet kid,” said Joseph. “He is a kid you know you won’t have to worry about once he leaves the building. He is going to do all the right things. He is a good athlete to coach. As a father and mother, he is the kid you want because you know he will go out and conduct himself real well.”

Joseph explained that Williams is an easy student-athlete to coach because of his willingness to learn new things.

“When I first got here, he wanted all the information,” commented Joseph. “He asked me so many questions. He would ask ‘What does it take to get to the next level? What are the things I have to do to make it to the NFL?’ You can see him on the field doing all the little things I ask him to do. The best part about Devonte is I never had to coach him about effort.”

Joseph stated that he feels the running back will play in some sort of professional football league after he graduates.

“I have had a few NFL teams call me about Devonte,” said Joseph. “I also have spoken to a few CFL teams about him. The best part about Devonte’s game is the fact that he is a three down back. Once he gets to showcase his game somewhere, I can guarantee you that he will have no problem latching on somewhere and being successful.”

The Lions hope to wrap up their final game of the regular season with a win Thursday over Nicholls State University.