Fourth-quarter comeback not enough for an SLU victory over LSU


Jacob Summerville/The Lion's Roar

Celica Sterling, a senior guard, prepares for a shot in the first half. The university scored 20 of their 52 points in the first two quarters.

The women’s basketball team fell to Louisiana State University 52-62 after scoring a combined 15 points between the second and third quarters.

Taking place on Nov. 20 at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center, the Lady Lions trailed by only six points at the end of the first quarter but lost their pace, ending the first half behind 20-35. The fourth quarter started at a 21-point deficit for the Green and Gold, but after scoring 23 points in the fourth quarter, Southeastern closed the gap to finish the game only 10 points behind.

Ayla Guzzardo, head coach, explained how a weak offensive front in the middle of the game.

“We know we can play defense,” said Guzzardo. “We’ve just got to be able to shoot the ball. That’s what it comes down to. If we clean up in the third and the second quarter, it’s a different ball game.”

Guzzardo further commented how the defense helped bring energy to the fourth quarter.

“We got some big rebounds, and once we see that we can rebound against them – we can push back, we can box out – if they put their mind to it, they can do it,” shared Guzzardo. “All we need is a little spark here and there, and we have players that can make a spark.”

Senior forward Jyar Francis finished the night 7-16 in field goals, scoring 17 points total, becoming the team’s highest scorer of the game.

“My performance really came from my teammates,” shared Francis. “I had a really rocky start, but they kept faith in me. So, without them, I probably wouldn’t have done what I did.”

The women’s team will have its fifth consecutive away game next Sunday against the University of Louisiana at Monroe on Nov. 24.