A reflection of 2019 in SGA


File Photo/Le Souvenir

Students volunteer during the 2019 Big Event organized by the Student Government Association. Currently, SGA has applications available for students to fill up different positions for all the three branches.

In the fall of 2019, the Student Government Association presented several opportunities for students to support its campus community.

Karley Bordelon, president of SGA, has assisted with many programs and projects designed for improving students’ experiences on campus.

Bordelon described the different projects and programs that were held in fall 2019 for students.

“We teamed up with the GFN Fuller Center of Hammond and had around 100 students and community members come out to actually build the walls for a family in need,” said Bordelon. “During Homecoming, we had many other events. We also had many Free Speech Alley events, allowing students to speak out on what matters to them.”

Bordelon described what contributed to a successful semester for SGA.

“These events have really gone well because we have such an awesome and dedicated team this year,” said Bordelon. “Our SGA members really have a passion for helping students, which makes programming, committee meetings and overall governing fun and exciting for SGA members.”

Of all the events, Bordelon found it hard to pick SGA’s biggest hit.

“There’s no way that I can choose just one thing that has been our biggest success,” shared Bordelon. “It could be increasing the Study Abroad funding, allowing students to speak their minds at Free Speech Alleys and Campus Hall meetings. It could be coming together with Alumni for our 2019 Homecoming Week. It could be students working hard to build the actual walls of a house for the Green and Gold house built. It could be our Lion 2 Lion Mentoring Program, the 2019 Big Event or the new lion statue that was recently finished in Friendship Circle.”

Just like many organizations and groups, there are challenges. Bordelon explained how in any organization there are things that do not go as planned.

“This semester in SGA, just like in school, had its fun moments and its very hard moments, but we always have to remember why we were placed in these positions and keep moving forward,” shared Bordelon.

Looking into the spring semester, Bordelon commented on some events to look out for in 2020.

“My personal favorite is our 2020 Big Event,” said Bordelon. “We are aiming to have 1,200 students participate this year for our 10th annual event.”

The Big Event is scheduled for Mar. 28, with the backup rain date being Apr. 4.

Bordelon shared the most important thing she has learned serving as president.

“After a few weeks in my position, I came to the realization that being SGA president is so much more than just one person and one position,” said Bordelon. “I am representing every single student in the university. That being said, I had to make sure that my mindset was geared towards helping as many students as possible our fund allocation, programming and overall decisions.”

With spring elections coming up in early April, Bordelon described what legacy she wants to leave during the rest of her term.

“Overall, I want to help students find their ‘why’ and help create a positive experience for them,” shared Bordelon.