CAB releases list of events for the spring semester


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Students pose for a picture during the Gumbo YaYa event organized by the Campus Activities Board. Gumbo YaYa is an annual event organized by CAB every fall semester. The event was held last year on Oct. 9.

The Campus Activities Board announced its schedule of events for the spring 2020 semester.

CAB kicks off their schedule with an interest meeting for the upcoming events. Marketing meetings will be included from Jan. 27-29 for “I <3 CAB Week” in February.

Megan Blomquist, a senior management major and student event manager for CAB, explained what the meetings entail for those looking to attend, as well as their focus for “I <3 CAB Week.”

“We have a marketing events manager,” stated Blomquist. “She goes over a small event to get the attention of others, gets people to say ‘Oh, what’s that?’ and go over and get to learn more about the actual event. So, it’s an event to learn about the event. We heavily promote the meetings because there are a lot of events going on, and we don’t want people missing out.”

Blomquist listed the events CAB has planned for the “I <3 CAB Week.”

“It’s a whole week long of nothing but events from CAB,” informed Blomquist. “It’s gonna be crazy, but great for the students because every day they can look forward to something. We have a ‘Chick Flick & Chick-fil-A’ for one night. The next one we have a hypnotist coming, and that’s something students have been interested in, a candygram event on Wednesday where we’ll be promoting the basketball game, and on the 13th, we’ll be closing out “I <3 CAB Week” with giving out to students free stuff, have little booths where students can run by on their way to class. I don’t want to give too much away because it’s a surprise.”

Blomquist revealed two events in particular that students will need to sign up for.

“We’ll be having a Mulan Movie Trip in March,” stated Blomquist. “We’ll be taking students to the AMC Theaters in Hammond and rent out one of the theaters and just bring students to watch the new Mulan, which everyone would be interested in, I think. That will be a sign-up thing due to limited seats, but I don’t know if it will be multiple nights. What definitely will be a sign-up event is the Strawberry Jubilee, and all organizations can sign up to have a booth for the event.”

Out of the many events, Blomquist shared what events she is looking forward to participating in the most.

“For this semester, there are two that I think are neck and neck,” explained Blomquist. “So, Mulan Movie Trip, I just love Disney, I like movies, and in April, there’s a Young at Heart event where we’re going to bring some nursing home residents from the local area to campus and have students and residents dance. It’s just a good way for the community, seeing other people that aren’t on campus. Plus, I have heard the nursing home residents enjoy getting out for the event, so it’s a great way to give back, but also something that is different.”