The day of love


Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love between you and your spouse and share affection for one another. It originated in the 14th century and is still celebrated seven centuries later.

This holiday is used to show your appreciation for the very special person in your life, which is why I have mixed feelings about the holiday. As a young boy in grade school, I would always get excited when this day appeared on the calendar because I knew candy grams would be passed around school. I could not wait to see who sent me one because, although I did not have a significant other, I just knew my friends appreciated me.

As I got older though, my appreciation for the holiday steadily decreased. Not because I was not grateful for the friends I was blessed with, but because I had no specific person to give all my love and affection to. I just feel Valentine’s Day is more of a relationship holiday. Once I find the right partner, I most definitely will acknowledge Cupid and his love arrows, but until then, Feb. 14 is just another day to me.

Of course, if I had a spouse or someone I really cared for, I would put more effort into the holiday, but that is just not the case. I could go out and buy a teddy bear and candy for my lady friends, but it does not have the same effect as buying flowers, chocolate, a teddy bear and going out to eat with someone I would potentially spend the last of my days with. Also, I just do not have the money for that many people.

I get to save a little more cash, and I do not have stress about not being good enough. What if my gifts are not what she wanted? Could you possibly imagine spending money on someone, and they do not appreciate you for it? It’s nerve-wracking to me, and I would rather wait to spend that money on someone that I know will appreciate me and my love no matter the situation.

Valentine’s Day is like a pre-anniversary. You spend it with the person you love most. The one who will be by your side through thick and thin, rich or poor, for better or for worse. Spend this beloved holiday with the person you just could not live without. If your friend is that person in your life, then maybe you have been ignoring the signs. I believe everyone has a predestined partner, but until I find mine, Valentine’s Day is another day of the year.

Hopefully, my opinion on this holiday changes by this time next year, because I would love to spoil someone and shower her with love, affection and the other commodities on this beautiful day. So, Sir Cupid, if you can hear me, I’d really appreciate one of these beautiful women on this big green and blue earth to be struck by one of your very powerful love arrows.

Just think about it for a second: is Valentine’s Day really worth the stress on your mind, body and bank account if you have no one to share this holiday with?

So ladies and gents, if you read this, I hope you guys can understand my point of view. Have a very special Valentine’s Day, and single ladies, if you’re out looking to be spoiled, you know where I work. Stop by, stay a while and enjoy your stay.


“No and yes. Yes, because it’s supposed to be a day where everybody’s supposed to show love, but that’s supposed to be done all the time instead of just celebrated on one day. So, mostly no.”

D’Shante Bolden

Freshman, Nursing

“No, because I feel like if you’re in love with somebody, y’all should be showing people love every day. I don’t know. It’s just a random day to me.”

Jaliyah Perkins

Freshman, Nursing

“It’s just a separate day to show that person that you love how much you love them. I mean, you should do that every day.”

Anna Claire Munley

Sophomore, Biological Sciences

“Yes, because just showing that person that you really care about them, not just every day, but just showing them that one-on-one time, just showing that you care and letting them know they mean something special to you.”

Jeremiah Johnson

Junior, Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmen

“Yeah, I think it’s just to celebrate love for a loved one or a friend, some family and stuff.”

Grayson Pickett

Freshman, Nursing

“Not really. I mean, I’ve been in a long relationship, and we don’t even celebrate it. It’s just a random day.”

Skyler Hooten

Freshman, Marketing

“No, not really because you can show love any day. Everything’s just marketed toward couples. It’s a way to make money, I feel. It’s symbols and stuff. It’s not really about love.”

Bria Cummings

Junior, Sociology

“I think there’s nothing wrong with having a day set aside to spend time with someone you care about, so I think it has a purpose.”

Jason Kirker

Instructor of English

“I think we need more love in our lives, and if there is a day that especially celebrates that love, I am all for that.”

Leilya Pitre

Assistant Professor and Coordinator of English Education

“I suppose. I guess there’s a point to Valentine’s Day because it is just a day to remember loved ones.”

Sherri Craig

Instructor of English

“I guess there is. I mean, everyone does it to express their feelings and show their emotions to other people and show them that they care.”

Keenen Gillum

Junior, Psychology

“Not really. There’s not really a historical base for it. People use it as an excuse to get dressed up. It’s like any other day of the year.”

Victor Lopez

Sophomore, Social Studies Education

“For some people, yes there is, but to other people, no. If you have a special somebody, then it means something truly to you, and if you’re just alone in the world, then it’s just another day, a regular day for everybody.”

Marvel Beasley

Freshman, Music