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Jacob Lofton/The Lion’s Roar

If a student decides to take the MBTI, they can take the online test for free through a link on the OCS’s website, then schedule an appointment to review their results with a career adviser.

The Office of Career Services offers many resources to help students in their searches for careers. One of their services is the MBTI, or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

The MBTI is a test that is designed to assist students in “understanding contributions of your particular ‘type’ to the work organization,” according to the OCS website.

Manager of Student Employment and Internship Development Craig Marinello shared that the OCS offers this exam in order to help students find a job that they love to do.

“Understanding who you are as a person, what your skill sets are, to finding a job/career possibilities that fits you,” explained Marinello. “It is a useful tool that we use with the student to help them understand what their results are, as well as be able to show them how to use this new information for their benefit.”

After a student takes the MBTI, they can schedule an appointment with the OCS to discuss the results and what they could mean for the student. Marinello elaborated on that step of the process.

“Set an appointment to both go over your results and explore some potential career choices,” said Marinello. “At the end of the day, each person must make their own well-informed choices as to what they want their future to be and what type of work they would like to do.”

Marinello also shared that while prospective employers do not have access to students’ test results, these kinds of exams are tools that some companies give their employees.

“Employers do not have access to a student’s MBTI results or anything else discussed during career planning sessions,” said Marinello. “Yet, there are many companies/employers who, during their hiring process, will have applicants take an MBTI test or a test like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.”

Marinello commented on his prerogative on the MBTI’s role in helping the OCS aid students.

“I don’t believe that assessments or things like this should box anyone in,” shared Marinello. “This assessment, and things like it, provide a 10,000 foot perspective for both the individual taking the assessment and the career advisor who is assisting them.”

While the exam is not designed to tell students what they are meant to do, Marinello gave some advice to students searching for the right career using the MBTI.

“The advice I would give to anyone who wants to know more about themselves, wants to explore different career options and/or has a desire to explore all of the possibilities for their future, is to go to the Career Services portion of Southeastern’s website, click on the TypeFocus testing, and take the test,” said Marinello. “There are no wrong answers, and this is 100% a test you can’t fail.”