Who will be the next Coke ambassador?


Dylan Meche/The Lion's Roar

Alyssa Larose, current Coke ambassador, presents during the Coke ambassador interest meeting.

Students interested in becoming the university’s new Coca-Cola ambassador had the opportunity to learn more about the position.  

An interest meeting for those looking to assume the position was held in Garrett Hall on Thursday, Feb. 27.  

During the meeting, Alyssa Larose, a senior special education major and the university’s current Coca-Cola ambassador, explained to students that the primary goal of the position is to promote Coca-Cola’s products and global initiatives. 

“Basically, we are promoting Coke on campus and not just the drinks, but what the company does around the world,” said Larose. “We are the face of Coca-Cola on campus.”

The new ambassador will not be selected via an application process. Instead, Larose will recommend a student after they have helped her during Coca-Cola events on campus. 

“Those who are interested can help me this semester at my sampling events,” shared Larose. “They need to contact me to help me. If they help me at these events, they do get paid. So, they can see a little bit of what I do. We will make a decision by the end of March.”   

Larose gave details on what the new ambassador can expect when they get the position. 

“Every month, ambassadors are expected to attend a monthly webinar, and then you are paid once you participate in a survey regarding the webinar,” explained Larose. “We have five monthly social media posts, two of which must be permanent. You have to check in with your bottler monthly and then you have to do sampling events.” 

Robin Parker, director of marketing and strategic initiatives, shared why she believes it is important to have a student in the Coca-Cola ambassador position.

“It is important to have student representatives for one of our most important business partners,” said Parker. “It really benefits us greatly.”

The next on-campus Coca-Cola sampling event will be on March 7 during the Rock ‘N Roar Fest. 

For those interested in helping with the sampling event, contact Alyssa Larose at alyssa.larose@southeastern.edu