RAs staying to aid residents


As part of the university’s effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, residential students were encouraged to move out and return home.

University Housing remains open, and some resident assistants are still working to ensure the safety of their residents.

Nicholas Efferson, sophomore business administration major, is a second-semester RA in Louisiana Hall. Efferson shared why he decided to stay on campus during this time.

“I know this is a trying time for most everyone with the switch to online classes and Housing having to move out residents,” said Efferson. “The area coordinators and all pro-staff have been working tirelessly, but they need help from us as RA’s, and I stayed in hopes of bringing some weight off their shoulders in light of them having to work overtime these past few weeks.”

Efferson mentioned the hardest part of staying on campus is being away from his friends and family.

“They always miss me and are very vocal about it,” shared Efferson. “Living on campus has helped me to discipline myself and mature in a lot of areas. They are only 45 minutes away, so when I’m not busy here on campus with duty or backup I go home and spend time with everyone back home.”

Abbie Hayes, sophomore biology major, is a second-semester RA in Hammond Hall. Hayes shared how her schedule has changed with the transition to online classes.

“It feels like I have more time in the day to work on assignments,” said Hayes. “There’s definitely more leniency with attendance and due dates. I try to keep a similar schedule to before this situation by using class time to work on notes or assignments. My work schedule has changed. We’re on duty more frequently and work office hours when we’re available.”

Efferson offered advice for residents who are unable to leave campus at this time.

“I would say if it’s family that you miss, FaceTime or call them every day,” suggested Efferson. “It makes a difference and gives you a feeling of comfort. Make sure you reach out to an RA at any time if you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. We are not just resident assistants, we love our jobs and our residents and encourage you to come speak with us because we go through the same challenges as everyone else who is a student because we are students first.”

As of now, Housing has not announced that residents will be forced to leave residence halls. Students can reach out to [email protected] with any questions or concerns.