Entergy provides tips on reducing bill while working from home


Elana Guillory/The Lion's Roar

Since people have started to work from home, Circuit by Entergy released 6 tips to help them reduce electrical costs. The company also released an article stating that it will continue services.

Circuit, a blog for the electricity company Entergy, recently gave advice on lowering energy costs while working from home.

In “6 Ways to Make Your Home Office Energy Efficient,” the company acknowledged the increase in online working from home and released tips on conserving electricity and saving money during this online transition.

“Working from home, even on a temporary basis, may increase your energy use,” stated in the article. “It means that you’re spending more time using a computer, lights and other appliances at home instead of in your workplace. But by improving the energy efficiency of your home office equipment, you can save on energy costs without hampering your productivity.”

Entergy advises people working from home to turn off equipment that will not be used for a long period of time. To make this easier with the utilization of multiple devices, the company suggests investing in an advanced power strip.

“Many electronic devices continue to use standby power even after they’re turned off,” stated Entergy. “Connect your office equipment to an advanced power strip, which will automatically shut off power to unused devices.”

In addition, a person should switch to a laptop to save a third of the energy a desktop would use. Entergy also advises that people take care in setting their thermostat to the “unoccupied setting” to save energy.

“Adjust the thermostat to the unoccupied setting,” advised Entergy. “This avoids wasting energy by conditioning the entire house while you’re occupying only a small portion of it. Consider using a ceiling fan to maintain comfort. You can reverse its direction clockwise in winter, which pushes warm air down.”

Circuit also released a “Coronavirus Action Plan,” in which the company assured customers that it will continue to deliver its services.

“We are closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and want to assure our customers that there is currently no impact on the delivery of power to our customers,” stated in the article. “We are also staying in contact with federal, state and local authorities to ensure safe and reliable power.”