Know your leaders


The winners of the SGA election will serve as the “Big 3” for the 2020-2021 school year.

The Student Government Association held an online election for students to vote for a new president, vice president and chief justice.

L’Oreal Williams was elected SGA President, Darnell Butler, Jr. was elected SGA Vice President and Madison Sunde was elected SGA Chief Justice.

Voting was held online from Monday, April 20 at 8 a.m. through Wednesday, April 22 at 4:30 p.m. The results were announced via Facebook and Instagram Live by Leah Cross, current SGA Chief Justice.

Williams, a junior business administration and marketing double-major, shared how her plans for SGA have changed to fit her new position.

“This year, I served as SGA Vice President, and I realized how much potential SGA has,” said Williams. “I have seen what it takes to run SGA, and I know what can be done to maintain the standards of the organization. As SGA President, I would like to continue to advocate for the student body and create changes that will enhance our experience at Southeastern.”

Williams explained how she plans to incorporate her campaign slogan, “A New Vision,” into her role.

“Students would like to see a change on Southeastern’s campus,” said Williams. “My slogan, ‘A New Vision,’ is to emphasize the new vision that I have for our campus. My campaign theme has been centered around Disney’s sitcom, ‘That’s So Raven.’ Being that Raven was able to have visions and see into the future, I thought it would be a great fit with my slogan, ‘A New Vision.’”

As president, Williams hopes to make the student body more comfortable to express any concerns that they have.

“Transparency with the student body will be my primary focus,” shared Williams. “I feel that students should be a part of the decision-making process and not just a part of the outcome. One of my initiatives is ‘Outside of the Office Hours.’ Implementing this will allow students to communicate with the Big Three in a comfortable environment. Students should always feel comfortable talking with their representatives.”

Butler, a junior business administration major, recalled how he felt during the announcement of the election results.

“Leading up to the announcement of the elections I was very thrilled, but anxious,” mentioned Butler. “I had butterflies, although I knew I worked really hard during the campaign process. So, I was confident. As Leah proceeded with her announcement it only took the first syllable of my name for me to jump and shout all around my living room. I had never been so happy. It is definitely one of my greatest accomplishments.”

Butler shared what he hopes to accomplish as SGA Vice President.

“The very first thing I hope to get accomplished is internal within SGA,” commented Butler. “I want to form strong relationships with the newly elected leaders and all SGA Administration. There is no doubt in my mind that if we get to know each other better and all get on one accord, we will do great things for the upcoming school year. I believe we are stronger together. Therefore, it is important that we form valuable relationships and work effectively alongside one another to provide the absolute best experience for the student body.”

Sunde, a sophomore english major, shared her initiatives for her new position.

“First, I want to accomplish my parking initiative, which would to be reward the student leaders of our campus by allowing them easier access to parking that is closer to buildings where they have meetings,” said Sunde. “I think that it is important we support the students who do so much for our campus.”

In addition to her goals for office, Sunde is looking forward to collaborating with the other executive officers.

“I am most looking forward to working with the new President and Vice President to empower our students and to create a really productive year,” said Sunde.

The new executive officers plan to start getting involved with the campus community this upcoming summer.

Williams mentioned that she is looking forward to making positive changes during her time as president.

“In this position, I am looking forward to working with the students and the administration of our university to create positive changes,” shared Williams. “I am excited and ready to work towards enhancing our college experience.”