Faculty and staff to obtain new Southeastern Forever Parking Tag


Prakriti Adhikari/The Lion's Roar

A special parking tag will be issued to faculty and staff who choose to participate in the payroll deduction plan for the upcoming fall and spring semesters. The tag will permit them to park in Faculty/Staff parking spots all around campus.

Full-time faculty and staff members who opt into the payroll deduction plan for the upcoming fall and spring semesters will be offered the Southeastern Forever parking tag.

The hang tag will not have an expiration date, and the employee can use it as long as they are enrolled in the payroll deduction program.

Gary Prescott, director of transportation services, explained that there is a huge involvement in the registration for faculty and staff.

“This is being offered as a way to expedite the faculty and staff parking registration process,” said Prescott. “Southeastern currently has a large participation in the Faculty/Staff payroll deduction program.

The program allows all faculty and staff members to have the cost of their yearly parking fee deducted from their paycheck throughout the financial year.

Prescott explained the process of the program and new modifications for faculty and staff members. Annual visits to the Office of Transportation Services will be reduced and will take place online.

“Once an employee opts into the payroll deduction program, they remain enrolled into the program until they opt out of it,” stated Prescott. “Accompanied with these initiatives, this year we also implemented an online vehicle registration for faculty and staff. It is our hope that all these changes will have a positive effect on the faculty/staff registration process.”

The cost of the tag will remain the same as other yearly hang tags, which is $60. If the tag gets damaged, the Office of Transportation Services will replace it for $2. Employees will be charged full price in the event of losing their tag.

“However, the second tag purchased will not qualify for the forever status, but will be dated to the end of the fiscal year,” explained Prescott. “Lost forever tags will be entered into our hot sheet and will flag our enforcement officers if ever found in use.” 

Employees who receive the tag will be able to park in Faculty/Staff parking spots on campus.

Faculty and staff members will receive more information regarding the upcoming parking option in the near future. Employees seeking more information can contact [email protected]