Photographer supports local businesses through Front Porch Project


Courtesy of Kali Norton/The Lion’s Roar

The Hollywood family, Elsbet Smith Hollywood and her two sons, is captured by Kali Norton Photography for the #FrontPorchProject.

Photographer Kali Norton is not letting COVID-19 stop her from shedding light on the Hammond community. 

Norton has partnered with the Hammond Downtown Development District to create the #FrontPorchProject. Kali Norton Photography offered free front porch sessions in Hammond to support small local businesses in the area. 

With many businesses experiencing financial challenges, the Front Porch Project encouraged donations to help those in Hammond. Donations ranged from purchasing a gift card to participating in curbside pickup. Each business was tagged in the photos that are shared on the   @frontporchproject_hammond Instagram page. 

Norton explained her inspiration behind the Front Porch Project.

“After several requests from clients and friends for me to start offering these during this unprecedented time, I decided to see if any photographers in Hammond had already started a #FrontPorchProject for our community,” shared Norton. “When I realized no one had, I quickly began looking into the logistics to take on this project. I was a little nervous because a project like this encompasses many moving parts to run smoothly. My project manager, currently laid off due to the shutdown, so graciously offered to donate her time to help.”

According to Norton, there have been many people that have had a hand in helping the success of the project.

“Combined with the girls from #FrontPorchProjectNOLA and #FrontPorchProjectBR helping me get the logistics sorted out, we began scheduling porches and I’m so glad that we did,” stated Norton. “In total, I’ve photographed over 150 porches, a large portion of the Downtown Hammond business owners and their families.”

Hammond Downtown Development has also contributed to the Front Porch Project by keeping the community connected. 

“After announcing the project, Kati from the Hammond Downtown Development reached out to me to see how they could team up and help further support our local businesses with this project,” explained Norton. “The Hammond DDD has been using the photos I take and putting together some really awesome write-ups about each local business, their families and their operations during this time.” 

Norton discussed her photography process throughout Hammond neighborhoods the past few weeks. 

“After receiving inquiries, I’d spend each morning mapping out routes and sending out texts to everyone that could expect me to photograph their porch for that evening,” shared Norton. “Each porch session lasts about two to five minutes, in which I maintain an eight feet distance from families.” 

Residents did not have to wait long for a picture. Families received one digital image of choice from an online gallery.

“The turnaround time for porch photos is approximately seven to eight days,” said Norton. “I promise it’s worth the wait.” 

Norton’s plans are going a different route for the rest of quarantine, with the project coming to a close. 

“Over a three-week span of time, I photographed about 20-30 porches per day,” stated Norton. “After photographing 150 porches and any downtown business who requested photos, I have closed the project in order to devote the remainder of this time of quarantine to preparing my photography studio to reopen in Downtown Hammond, which is located at 112 S. Cypress Street.” 

Norton described the impact the photography project has had on the community.

“This has been so fun and uplifting for our community during this time,” expressed Norton. “In addition to each household making a donation to a local business in exchange for a complimentary photo download, the outpouring of love our community has expressed towards the businesses they love so much has been just beautiful.”

As a small business owner herself, Norton is happy to show support and spread awareness through her photography. 

“I know these times are extremely trying on many, but as a small business owner with a passion for helping small businesses thrive, this type of grassroots marketing effort benefits our entire community and has been something so wonderful to come out of this mess,” said Norton.

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