OSAA to host a series of virtual events for Connected by Care campaign


@sluosaa on Instagram

The Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability shared their schedule of “Caught you Caring” events that will occur throughout the month of September.

Throughout September, the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability will be hosting an event named “Caught you Caring.”

“Caught you Caring” allows students to submit stories of when they caught someone caring on campus or within the university’s community.

“As a part of the Connected by Care campaign, this upcoming month, OSAA will be doing ‘Caught you Caring,’” stated the OSAA Instagram account. “We will be sharing your stories of care and kindness seen within the Southeastern community.”

On Sept. 16, from 11 a.m. to noon, the first of OSAA’s “Spilling the Tea” series will also be launched via Zoom.

Chaise Gilbert, a graduate assistant and CARE co-chair, explained the specifics of  “Caught you Caring” and “Spilling the Tea.”

“Each week throughout the month, we’re wanting to feature one of the stories that would fit on all of our social media,” said Gilbert. “Students can visit that link at our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. In September, we’re also having the first of our ‘Spilling the Tea’ series. We’re going to have a couple more after this one.”

The event’s title is “Spilling the Tea on Relationships.” Gilbert detailed that Andre Carpenter, PLPC and OSAA LINK Coordinator, will be discussing communication and healthy habits within a relationship.

The following month, on Oct. 14 from 11 a.m. to noon, “Spilling the Tea on Title IX” will be held. Gene Pregeant, OSAA’s Title IX compliance officer, and Gabe Willis, Dean of Students, will be discussing resources, changes and how to report.

“We have one more,” explained Gilbert. “It’s going to be the last of our ‘Spilling the Tea’ series. It’s going to be on Nov. 11, and it’ll be called ‘Spilling the Tea on STDs.’ That is going to be spoken about by staff members from our University Health Center, and they will be talking about STDs, sexual wellness and prevention.”

Gilbert explained the motivation for the OSAA holding “Caught you Caring” and “Spilling the Tea” during this time.

“Right now, there are a lot of things going on in our world and our society that are just very heavy,” said Gilbert. “We didn’t want to put more heaviness out into the world.”

The OSAA decided to change the game and highlight caring and kindness, revealed Gilbert.

“We wanted to share some joy, show some care and show it happening on our campus—just to bring some light into the world,” expressed Gilbert.