Students compete in Spring 2021 internal sales competition


Brynn Lundy/The Lion's Roar

Jenna Pecot received a $500 reward for placing first in the Spring 2021 student sales competition, presented to her by marketing professors Tara Lopez (left) and April Kemp, (right).

The university’s Professional Sales Program held its Spring 2021 internal Professional Sales Competition today, concluding at 3 p.m. with the announcement of the winner, senior marketing major Jenna Pecot. 

The role-playing competition commenced this morning in Garrett Hall’s Sales Lab, as several students took turns making sales pitches via Zoom to professionals in the marketing field. After preparing for the competition since this semester, each student had 15 minutes to close a sale. 

Junior marketing major Emily Browning received first runner-up, and senior marketing major Madeline Lato received second runner-up. 

Pecot is a graduating senior who has competed in previous sales competitions. She said she did not decide to compete until last week and described what it was like to win.

“It’s really rewarding. I have competed last year and last semester, and I got third and second, and it’s definitely rewarding that I got first and it paid off. It’s my last semester, so I’m super excited,” she said.

Pecot shared her strategies for keeping a cool head amidst the pressures of the competition.

She said, “I think keeping calm under pressure has a lot to do with confidence. I made sure to stay calm cool and confident during each objection, and I don’t think about everyone watching.”

April Kemp, assistant professor and co-coordinator for the Professional Sales Program, said she is impressed with how the marketing students have adapted to the changes in the competition over the past year.

She said, “We normally are seeing them more on campus when we’re getting ready for competitions, so in this environment, it’s a little more challenging because they have to be very self-motivated to do well.”