Checking out from dorms: What you need to know before you go


File Photo/The Lion's Roar

A student prepares to leave campus at the conclusion of the Fall 2020 semester. Southeastern students need to check in and out with resident assistants before they are officially ready to end the semester.

As the 2021 spring semester comes to a close, students living in the dorms have been contacted by their resident assistants to let them know that it is almost time to move out. 

According to University Housing, this year’s check-out process is going to be smooth and efficient, but students need to play their parts as well.

Chris Asprion, the director of university housing, provided some more details on what students can do to make sure their check-out process is not a hassle for them. 

One of the main things students have questioned is the necessity of leaving their dorms by May 14. 

To address this issue, Asprion stated, “Students are required to checkout by May 14 because that is when their housing contract ends. Plus, we also have to begin to clean and prepare our halls for our summer guests.”

However, this does not apply to the residents of Greek Village. For them, sorority checkout is May 16, and fraternity checkout is May 24.

One of the main priorities of checking out is ensuring that students’ rooms are clean and cleared out. Failure to do so on time can possibly result in a fine by housing. 

They emphasize specific rules, like removing all personal belongings from the room, and placing the furniture back to the way it was before students moved in.

Housing also emphasizes checking in and out with your floor’s RA before packing up and leaving. There are signup sheets on the walls for specific checkout times, as well as flexible selection to make sure students can leave at their desired time. However, RAs can only check out one student at a time, so timeslots are first come first serve.

When discussing the most vital thing is for checkout, Asprion shared that one of the most important things is to not wait until the last minute. 

“Starting now, begin to pack up the items you don’t need and transport them off-campus. That way when you are ready to checkout, you don’t have a large amount of belongings to move. To make sure you don’t acquire any fees when checking out, make sure all your belongings are removed and you clean your entire room. This includes the bathroom, floors, desks, drawers and cabinets,” he explained. 

While this week is going to be busy for students who are wrapping up finals, there are also the responsibilities of checking out from the dorms quickly and efficiently. For more information on what to do to prepare for checkout, contact the Housing office at 985-549-2118.