Welcome Week’s 2021 comeback


Randy Bergeron

Students walking up to collect their “Mask Up” bags during Welcome Week of 2020. This year’s Welcome Week will be a more in-person experience rather than virtual.

Welcome Week will be making a comeback for incoming Southeastern students of the Fall 2021 semester from Aug. 15-20. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Welcome Week was not able to take place normally leading some students to feel less engaged in their campus life. Last year, all of Welcome Week’s events consisted of online events such as “Virtual Game Night,”  an online open house and even a treasure hunt titled “Blue and You, Search and Treasure.”  

With its return, Welcome Week’s concept is to give new students the opportunity to gain a Southeastern experience before they enter the classroom. 

Marjorie Parker, the director of Student Engagement, stated that they hope to spark incoming students with “Green and Gold love.”

“We hope to elevate students’ interactions and engagement. We also want this spark of involvement and excitement for the university to remain lit throughout the duration of the semester and increase student attendance at events, programs and activities,” Parker said. 

Welcome Week in the past has consisted of many different events with the names such as “Strawberry Jam,” “Roller Rave” and “Taking Care of Business.” 

All events of Welcome Week are designed to help incoming students become familiar with the campus and the organizations that Southeastern has to offer as well as prepare for the semester.

Some of the organizations that are involved with Welcome Week’s events are Student Engagement, the REC and University Housing. 

In 2019, the REC hosted a “Late Night” event which featured high-energizing, socializing games at the Pennington Student Activity Center. 

University Housing has included its “Move In Mane-ia” event in the past where students living on campus get their information for their dorm as well as their room key. 

Other organizations that will be involved with Welcome Week are Auxiliary Services, the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability, the Counseling Center, Sims Library, Career Services, Multicultural and International Student Affairs, Campus Activities Board and The Lion’s Roar.  

Now that this year’s Welcome Week will be less isolated, incoming students should have a week’s load of events to look forward to. Parker and other members of the Southeastern staff are looking forward to this week’s return to the calendar. 

“After being isolated due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, students and the Southeastern community are excited about ‘being outside’ and creating new memories and reestablishing connections,” Parker said. 

When looking for more news about Welcome Week in August, the Lion’s Roar will be posting future updates about the hosted events on their Instagram as well as their website. 

More information about Welcome Week can also be found on the Student Engagement’s website as well as their social media pages (@southeasternose) which will be updated on the events towards the end of July.