Storm aftermath: Photo Gallery

On Aug. 29, 2021, Hurricane Ida made landfall on Louisiana’s southern coast as a category-four hurricane. It ravished the cities and towns along the Gulf Coast, including Houma and Grand Isle, before traveling north. Multiple parishes were without power, and gasoline prices rose as people rushed to buy gas for cars and home generators. Many gas stations had no choice but to temporarily close down as gas rapidly became scarce.

The hurricane struck Tangipahoa Parish in the later hours of that Sunday. It would take at least a week before power began to emerge through parts of the downtown area. Many businesses had to adjust their hours and accept cash-only transactions. Meanwhile, many residential homes were damaged due to flooding and fallen trees. Workers spent hours trying to repair fallen power lines and remove trees off the streets.

Southeastern’s campus also had its fair share of damages. Like all of Hammond, the university had no electrical power for several days. Trees lay strewn about the fields and streets until construction workers could cut and remove them. One tree fell onto the roof of the art building on the east side of Strawberry Stadium, though the rest of the structure remained intact. Perhaps most evident in the damages were the two gashes on the Pottle Music Annex: one on the southern wall and one on the western wall.