Fraternity offers open discussion for African American men at Southeastern


Austin O'Brien

Two members of Alpha Phi Alpha have an open discussion at “The Shop” forum. On the right, strategic communications graduate student Jawuan Walker holds the itinerary of topics to discuss.

The Kappa Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha held “The Shop” forum in Tinsley Hall on Nov. 2, offering students a chance to discuss how they feel about certain topics relating to school life.

“The goal of this event is to bring black males together on campus to talk about different topics that affect us personally. This is entirely a community bonding experience,” said Jawuan Walker, an APA member and graduate student in the Department of Communication and Media Studies.

One of the attendees of the event, junior marketing major Daniel King, said he was optimistic about attending the event and getting involved in the discussion. 

“It seemed like a nice opportunity to talk to others like me about our community and the problems that we all face,” King said.

Some of the questions asked in the event included, “What changes do you wish to see on campus,” “What difficulties do you go through as a black man at Southeastern,” and “How do you measure your successes?”

Many of the students walked away from the event having learned more about themselves and how they can approach situations in the future. 

“I learned to take my time with life. We’re all walking different paths. Take your time and enjoy your life,” King said.

To know more about when more events like this will be hosted, visit Alpha Phi Alpha’s Instagram or Twitter @kappanualphas75.