Southeastern IFC fraternities welcome 76 new members during Rush Week 2022


Ian Stewart

Delta Tau Delta were the big winners of Rush Week, having the largest pledge class with 34 members.

From Sept. 11-15, the Interfraternity Council hosted its annual formal Rush Week, which consisted of events designed to connect potential new members (PNMs) with the fraternities they were interested in joining.

The week kicked off on Sunday, when PNMs got to learn about the purposes, goals and other factors which differentiate each fraternity. A Q&A session followed the presentations.

On Monday, a pizza party was hosted in Greek Village and around campus for the PNMs to hang out and meet their potential new brothers in a casual setting. Aside from pizza, the event featured sports and music.

Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s events were also focused on building relationships between the PNMs and their possible fraternity. PNMs were required to dress formally and invited to attend formal dinners in which they could bond and make stronger connections with current fraternity members.

Sigma Tau celebrated every time they welcomed a new pledge to their fraternity. (Ian Stewart)


Finally, the IFC hosted Bid Day 2022 yesterday, and all fraternities gathered in the Student Union Park to greet their new members. An interest group created by Tau Kappa Epsilon was also present to create a new fraternity. Before the accepted bids were announced, the IFC brought PNMs into the union and presented the bids they received. The PNMs were given time to read their bids and pick their fraternity of choice. Then, the IFC announced PNMs’ chosen bid to all of the fraternities, and they ran, jumped and cheered as they joined their new brothers. Upon joining, PNMs are considered pledges and begin the process of becoming full members of their fraternity.

The final numbers for Bid Day pledges are:

  • Delta Tau Delta: 34
  • Kappa Sigma: 24
  • Sigma Tau Gamma: 15
  • Theta Chi: 2
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon: 1

Those interested in joining a fraternity still have the chance to receive a bid throughout the year during informal rush. Visit IFC’s website for more information.