Have a college crush? Reveal it to @slu_crushes

Love is what everyone tends to search for during college and some are fortunate enough to find their soulmate and experience that connection. 

A group of SLU students are running a renewed Instagram page about college crushes after almost a year hiatus. @slu_crushes is an Instagram account that helps students anonymously express feelings for someone. 

The history of SLU Crushes began in the mid-2010s when a group of SLU students including Caleb Holloway and a friend started operations through their own Facebook page. Later on, Ally Holloway, Caleb’s sister, decided to recreate their idea and started an anonymous account about college crushes through Instagram. 

“For me, besides following in my brother’s footsteps, I think that this sort of anonymous page builds a kind of community amongst the student population, especially when someone sees themselves described in a submission, it’s just fun for them to try and guess who it is,” Holloway said. 

The page was created with the idea of spreading love and kindness. SLU Crushes essentially is where students can see they are loved and have a guess at who their secret admirer on campus is. 

SLU Crushes’ motto is “We only live once and we have to make it count.” This motto helps to spread and show love, one of the most important things in life that everyone is seeking. 

At a certain point, the account became inactive due to a lack of submissions and admin of the page graduating. 

“Me graduating was the reason I wanted to pass it on to a current student,” Holloway stated. 

The activity of the account has resurged for about two weeks after their hiatus. Many students are once again confessing their affections for other students. New admins, who have chosen to remain anonymous, figured out new ways of engaging students to earn submissions every day.   

“We get a lot of messages and post the ones that are appropriate and mindful,” the new admins explained.

 The admin of SLU Crushes credits her inspiration with knowing in the past that she has helped others talk to their crushes in person. 

If you or someone you know is interested, give them a follow and send them a direct message to their page on Instagram @slu_crushes.